A little bit about me…


a Brummy lad and my early life was surrounded by watching and playing sports. During this first chapter, especially throughout Secondary school I noticed a more artist nature start to flourish. This was the beginning of something special, but I didn’t know it…YET!


I left school with a huge desire to follow in the footsteps of a family member who joined the Royal Navy. At 16, and no idea of how the world worked I decided to join the Armed Forces as a Royal Marines Commando. I’m not going to delve too much into my time whilst I was serving but I’m glad I did it, gaining priceless experience and learning that life is to be lived!

Whilst on an enjoyable night out in Wigan back in 2007 I (literally) bumped into a girl who was to become my ‘partner in crime’. I proposed, Tina said yes, we tied the knot and shortly after and against our better judgement renovated two homes. We love to travel and have two pet rabbits who enjoy pestering us for food and cuddles.

When I left the Armed Forces in 2009 I had very little direction and was trying to adjust to “civilian life”. Over a brew one day Tina asked if I thought about photography…I enjoyed taking pictures but never thought of it as a full time career!

So 2 years getting qualified, building a portfolio and learning what is was to create and upkeep a business I was soon on track to become what I am today. I guess the rest is history but fundamentally I love what I do and I have a passion in providing my clients with wonderful memories!

Sam, Tina & the Critters

Time is spent either chilling with these characters or travelling…We love heading to exotic and sometimes barren locations across the globe where we would either be underwater scuba diving or on land exploring!