Congratulations Daniel + Laura

I may as well pitched up overnight at Macdonald Kilhey Court Hotel on Thursday as I was up early the following day after Tony and Liz’s wedding to begin photographing the wedding day of Daniel and Laura. I arrived very early as I was to document the build up with the girls for the Bridal Preparations.

As I arrived I was greeted by the Bride herself, Laura, as she opened the door to the suite they were all in eating breakfast. It helped with having everyone in one room and with all of the smaller details which I was to photograph throughout the morning. I organised with them that I would document a short period of Daniel getting ready as him and the Groomsmen were also prepping themselves in the hotel. I don’t spend too long with the gents as I usually see them around 20-30 minutes before the ceremony begins anyway which gives me a good opportunity to capture shots of guest arriving, briefly speak with the Registrars and the surrounding area of the venue.

The time was getting ever so close to the start of the Ceremony and so once I photographed the wedding dress in one of the Bridesmaid’s room I made my way down to the Lakeside suite to set myself up. I came across a familiar face who I do enjoy working with, Barry of Diamond Lights Wedding Films. He was filming at the entrance as I arrived but we were soon catching up although after 5 minutes guests were being invited into the room as a brass band was playing.

Daniel and his 3 Best men were waiting patiently as the girls slowly made their way from their suite, down the staircase and finally entering the Lakeside before Laura ran through legalities with the Registrars. A little later than scheduled the Bridesmaids entered one-by-one to the instrumental of ‘Braveheart’ and then finally a beautiful Bride with her Father walking together and smiling away down the aisle. It all ran smoothly and after a short time I was soon photographing the signing of the register and getting ready to receive the new Mr & Mrs Hyland back down the aisle and heading for a celebratory drink as Husband and Wife.

Both myself and Barry knew we had to get both the formal groups and the intimate shots of the couple complete before darkness arrived. We managed to get through 10 groups, around 20 minutes of couple’s shots and even a confetti photo before it started to become too difficult to do any outdoor photographs. We also captured the room all set up in its stunning glory whilst guest enjoyed chatting and drinking next door.

The afternoon comprised of speeches by Laura’s Dad, Daniel and finally his 3 Wise men (Best men). It was followed by the wedding breakfast which I always take the opportunity to look through everything I have to date and remove those files which won’t make the cut!

Once bellies were full it was the queue for Pier Fun Casinos to enter the room and introduce themselves to a smiley Bride but very surprised Groom. Laura booked the entertainment giants a couple of years ago as a lovely surprise for her hubby for when they were to tie-the-knot. He loved it that much that he never moved from one of the tables as he was having so much fun, and even bagged himself a bottle of bubbly!

Eventually it was time for Pier Fun Casinos to leave at which point gave us the perfect time to head off and finish those more intimate photos of the happy couple together. We used the reception area as it’s lit well and includes gorgeous backdrops including the staircase. They were easy to photograph throughout, laughing a lot which provided me with beautiful photos of them.

The evening arrived and once the room had filled up and the DJ finally got ‘Dolly Parton’ on we were ready for the newlyweds to cut their wedding cake and head onto the dance floor for their First dance as a married couple. It was fab and being huge Killers fans (like myself) they asked for a couple of tracks to follow! They were dancing whilst my foot was tapping away capturing the moment but as always I soon was packing up and saying goodbye.

I had a blinding time and I’m sure Daniel and Laura did too. I wish them all the best in their married lives together and I look forward to editing their wedding photographs. For now please enjoy looking through these sneak peek shots…