Congratulations Halit + Carly

Halit and Carly decided they wanted to get married in church so they chose the Parish Church of St. George in Tyldesley to hold their wedding ceremony. I do enjoy heading to an historic setting for the wedding service especially when you can get a good insight into the building’s past through those conducting the service or volunteers. To begin with however, I was to head to Halit and Carly’s home and document the build of of the Bridal Preparations. This as always includes capturing shots of those smaller details including the wedding dress, I was also asked to get some photos of their ‘Insta’ wall which comprised of various nostalgic content. The girls were getting their hair and make-up done whilst I hovered and documented the fun and laughter that was going on. After a couple of hours I was surprised to see Halit turn up although it was only to wait for his Best man who was to take him to the church in his car. In this time I managed to catch up with him briefly and make him aware of what will happen once I arrive through to the end of the formal group photographs. Will fizz drunk and Carly in her wedding dress I awaited her arrival as she came down the stairs and walked into the back room where her family and Bridal party were waiting. I headed off soon after in good time to arrive ready to speak with the Vicar regarding the wedding service.

Once I was parked up I headed straight inside to speak with the Vicar as I had previously been made aware that I was not allowed to take photos during the service. Now, this has become somewhat of a regular occurrence and the reason is simple…unprofessional and obtrusive photographers who have no experience in how discreet we must be as someone who can be within close proximity of a very intimate occasion between a couple exchanging legal words. The only thing I can do is be as reassuring as possible passing on the fact I have been a professional wedding photographer for 10 years and that I do ensure the focus is strictly on the Bride and Groom. Most of the time this works due to the fact I am presentable in my appearance and I take what I can get without sulking and becoming arrogant. At the end of the day, I stand by one thing…’their house, their rules’ but as long as the couple who have put so much into this day are made aware prior and I get told exactly the same in what I can and cannot do then I’m happy. This way there isn’t any issues once my clients receive their wedding photographs. In this instance I managed to sway the Vicar and I was allowed to document the wedding service but I was restricted, and asked to stay in one spot. Like always I receive sincere gratitude afterwards for respecting their wishes but who knows who will be photographing the next wedding!

Moving on from speaking with the Vicar I headed outside to get some shots of the exterior of the church and then waited for the arrival of the Bridal party. I had been told of the chosen wedding transport which would initially bring Carly, her Dad and the girls to the church but when I saw it, just wow! A white ‘dinky’ Morris Minor powered it’s way through the centre of Tyldesley, I got some great shots but it was brief as things were moving fast and I knew I had to get inside to take my place at the front of the aisle. Halit and his Best man was waiting patiently and before we knew it the Bride was on her way. Smiling away, Carly and her proud Dad walked behind the Bridesmaids towards the alter. I took my place as promised and documented the service from there. A couple of readings were spoken by chosen family and friends of the congregation, rings were later blessed and exchanged, the official signing of the register was photographed and finally the newlyweds made their way back up the aisle after prayers were complete. Halit and Carly had a moment before this with a kiss and with me being in the right position I caught it, what a shot! They smiled away and made their way to the entrance of the church, at this point I asked the to allow their wedding guests pass them so I could organise my confetti shot. The formalities of the group photographs followed this and as time was slowly creeping away the wedding party got onto a red double decker bus which was to take them to the wedding reception.

As I wasn’t staying late that day I did the photographs of the happy couple together at the church and then a few at St. Richard’s Parish Club in Atherton, WIgan when we arrived. Halit and Carly wanted something very relaxed and so chose this lovely, quaint village hall to hold their wedding reception at. With a bar, there wasn’t much else needed although Halit and Carly booked a Hog Roast to keep their family and friends fed and it smelt amazing! They decided on having the wedding speeches before eating however and this included words from Carly’s Maid-of-Honour, Halit, Halit’s Best man and finally Carly. The day was awesome and I enjoyed documenting every moment of it.

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