Congratulations Peter + Judie

I was part of yet another mid-week Wedding of this year as the package itself seems very appealing to those on a budget and wishing to tie-the-knot during the week instead of a weekend. Peter & Judie’s big day started for me as I arrived at Best Western’s Park Hall Hotel in Chorley around 45 minutes before the ceremony was to begin. I like to arrive nice and early to settle in and do the necessary checks on equipment whilst reassuring the Bride and Groom that I have actually arrived 🙂

Peter was speaking with the registrar who was to conduct the ceremony and guests were enjoying a swift half near the reception. There were only around 25 close family and friends who were to witness the happy occasion so I didn’t take me long to get a few documented snaps of them enjoying the build up. Everyone was soon invited inside the Medieval Banquet Suite to take their seats whilst the wedding coordinator headed upstairs to grab the Bridal party.

After a couple of confirmations between Bride and Registrar it was game on! I planted myself at the end of the aisle close enough to Peter and his Best Man to capture a moment of banter but far enough to ensure they felt comfortable and kept it natural. Judie and her Son headed up the aisle as the music began to play and as Peter turned around I’m sure he was lost for words at how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress.

The ceremony ran smoothly and once rings were exchanged and the signing of the register had been compete it was time to begin the reception phase of the day….which I love!

To begin with I always try and start with the confetti throw as it gets everyone feeling part of it all and I like to think it eases them into the formal group shots which follow. It was a great crowd and we flew through it all which gave the newly weds time to enjoy a drink and a chat with their guests. I checked out the locations of where I was going to do the more informal and intimate photographs of Peter and Judie in this time and after 20-25 minutes we then cracked on with them. It was very pleasant and enjoyable and we even had an intruder….’Derek the Duck’ decided to head towards us for a gander with what we were doing, haha!

Once the time had arrived for the wedding breakfast guests were seated and everyone enjoyed a lovely three course meal. The speeches were afterwards although it was only a couple of lovely words said by Peter to thank everyone for coming 🙂

It was a wonderful day and I hope not just the happy couple but also their family and friends had an amazing time especially throughout the evening! I wish Peter and Judie all the very best for the future and I look forward to speaking with them after they return from their break away up in Lancaster….it sounded very nice ;-D

I also look forward to sending them their wedding photographs from the day but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots