Congratulations Steven + Faye

Saturday was the second of two weddings over the weekend and it saw me around the town of Ormskirk. Steven got ready in his home town of Billinge near Wigan and Faye got ready at the wedding venue which was the stunning Hurlston Hall Golf Club. I was to document the Bridal party getting ready which included 4 Bridesmaids and arriving a little later, her parents. I began documenting the girls having their make-up done before heading into one of the bedrooms which had all of the smaller details including the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers etc. It was soon time to head over to the ceremony room and meet up with Ste.

I briefly spoke with the registrar beforehand to make sure she didn’t have anything for me and I also mentioned to the Ushers about the formal group shots afterwards and that I’ll need a little help with organising. It all kicked off and myself and Peter of ‘Pete Johnson Films’ positioned ourselves at the front as we prepped our gear for the arrival of the Bridal party. Faye walked down with her Father who was a little teary but fundamentally looked proud to be by his daughter’s side during such an important day. The ceremony was lovely and once all of the formalities were complete the happy couple made their way past all of their family and friends as Husband and Wife.

I organised everyone outside for a confetti shot which included the couple’s gorgeous pet dog, Barney. We cracked on with the group photographs at the side of the lake which was beautiful with a halo of sunshine around everyone although it wasn’t as warm as it looked. We got through them pretty quickly as we were pushed for time before the wedding breakfast and speeches. I spent around 20 minutes with the newly weds to capture the more intimate shots of them together walking around the grounds.

So as I left everyone to enjoy the wedding breakfast in peace both myself and Peter check our files and footage before we headed back inside approximately 45 minutes later for a little surprise booked by Steven and Faye. A duo of wedding singers were to entertain the wedding guests before the deserts were dished out and boy did they do a great job! After they finished the speeches began and starting proceedings was Faye’s Father. Steven followed before passing the fluctuating mic onto his Best man.

The final part of the day was the evening reception and of course the first dance. Steven and Faye were introduced into the room and onto the dance floor where they smiled and laughed to one another as their family and friends looked on. Faye’s Father had his moment with his Daughter as they danced away together and followed by Steven and his Mother and finally the remaining parents.

I hope the new Mr & Mrs had an absolutely memorable day along with their fab family and friends. I can’t wait to send out all of the wedding day’s photos but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots!