Layla’s lifestyle photoshoot in Sefton Park, Liverpool

On Saturday 12th May I had a Lifestyle photo session booked in with a lady called Michelle who received a voucher from her Sister (whose Daughter I previously photographed) a little time ago and wished to redeem it. After a few emails back and forth and dates unfortunately cancelled mainly due to severe wintery weather we eventually met up at Sefton Park’s Palm House where I was to capture a much documented Lifestyle shoot of her family. The main subject to be was her daughter Layla who seemed to enjoy having her photo taken from the beginning.

We started off walking around the Palm House itself before heading down the hill towards one of the park’s lakes where we came across a family of Canadian Geese. I had been told Layla loved ducks so I was ready with the camera especially as the family of Geese included 4 goslings (babies) which was very cute.  They approached quite close to us which I was surprised about but it created some lovely shots.

After a little time Lee (Layla’s Dad), Michelle and Layla seemed to be having a really fun time! The way I perform my Lifestyle shoots are unique to me in the way they are delivered. I have a very minimum formal/posed approach and even then I ‘pose and pounce’. This basically means that if I have to create a shot from a specific backdrop I have seen and chosen then I will pose my subjects but let them do the hard work be it pulling funny faces at one another, sticking their tongue out or just tickling before getting their natural smiling expressions when asked to look towards me. It works most of the time but if more advanced techniques need to be implemented then I generally have a stash of sweets to bribe the adults 🙂

As we looped back on our tracks we finished where we started up at the Palm House where I’d say that my favourite shots of the day were captured of them together walking across a field full of wild flowers and with the sun beaming down behind them creating a halo effect.

I had such a wonderful time and I hope they did too!

Enjoy and I look forward to posting my next blog soon,