Congratulations Paul + Naomi

Well that was yet another awesome weekend of weddings! It all started on the Friday for Paul and Naomi’s big day as they were to tie-the-knot at the absolutely stunning Eaves Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire. I had never been to this venue before but I had heard all about it’s photographic potential… I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

So Friday morning had arrived and at around 9am I headed off from my home in Wigan up the M6, across the M65 and finally a few local ‘A’ roads later and I parked up right outside where I was to begin the day. All I could hear as I exited the car was a rowdy bunch of girls singing and laughing and knew instantly that I was where I needed to be 🙂

The Bridal Preparations are great as they capture moments which are 100% natural and documented whilst also getting those shots of the smaller details. As soon as I walked through the door I was welcomed by everyone which was lovely, I soon got into the rhythm of what I do best and started downstairs as Naomi was having her make-up done by Lois of Color and Therapy Lounge. Upstairs was where the Hair was being done and it was certainly a full house with a large Bridal Party. As the prep was all happening in the Lodge away from the Hall they eventually had to make their way up to the Bridal Suite before the arrival of the Groom so around 12pm a couple of the girls helped Naomi take up her dress and accessories whilst I captured a few shots of one of the Bridesmaid dresses and the Flower girls dresses. After around 15 minutes I left the girls to then complete the detailed shots by photographing Naomi’s Dress and her accessories. Around 30 minutes later they all arrived to finish off what was an eventful morning.

Paul had arrived and was greeting all of their guests whilst enjoying a couple of drinks with his Groomsmen. I said hello briefly before seeing the registrar and getting photos of the ceremony room all dressed up. The time was ticking away and soon the wedding coordinator was inviting everyone to take their seats ready for the arrival of the Bridal Party. 1.30pm had struck and the flower girls were first up to walk down the aisle although it was too much for one of the little ones. They were then followed by the Bridesmaids and then finally Naomi walked down towards an eagerly awaiting Groom. The ceremony was lovely which included the ring exchange and the signing of the register and once that was all complete the new Mr & Mrs Andrews walked back past their family and friends up the aisle and outside for the next chapter of the day.

The formal groups are always an integral part of any wedding day but I believe there must be a sensible amount to ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact on guests waiting around for their number to be called out. Instead choosing a small selection of the more important people in a couple’s lives helps keep them timings down to a minimum and offers me plenty of time on the day to document those natural shots which we all love! Now as the weather began dry I knew that it was going to turn at any moment and so I needed to get everyone outside for one large group shot, followed by the smaller groups and finally get at least 10-15 minutes with the couple on their own. It was very much a ‘play-it-by-ear’ day. We cracked the large group in 5 minutes and I finished off with the other groups around 10 minutes later. Paul and Naomi’s pet dog or ‘furry child’ Keiser had turned up to pose with the newly weds and was wearing a very smart bow-tie 🙂

We spent 10 minutes or so with Keiser before he went back home to relax which then gave me the remainder of our dry spell walking around the venue’s grounds and photographing the happy couple together. Lo and behold the weather turned but it didn’t stop our Bride throwing her bouquet before everyone retired inside. I carried on documenting the event but I also made sure that once the room had been turned around ready for the wedding breakfast that I got some photos of it all decorated. Sam Williams Flowers provided a backdrop behind the top table which was gorgeous.

All of Paul and Naomi’s family and friends were invited to take their seats ready for the married couple were officially announced in to take theirs. The meal was before the speeches so I had time to check through all of the images I had captured. After a couple of hours the speeches then began. They were generally brief but included plenty of thank you’s, funny stories and generated lots of laughter! The evening guests had started to arrive for the final chapter of the day which was party time… Johnny Ross Music which included DJ and Saxophone was the evening entertainment. They set up whilst I completed a mock cut of the cake with Paul and Naomi but once finished they hit the records and set off with an awesome selection of tunes… I knew that it was going to be an absolutely awesome night!

Paul and Naomi didn’t have a first dance but instead I stayed to capture people dancing away and enjoying the Saxophone player! I hope the happy couple had a memorable one and I wish them all the very best in their married lives together. I can’t wait to begin the editing of their wedding photographs but for now please enjoy these sneak peek shots.