Congratulations Philip + Clare

On Saturday I was back at it again and it was the same stunning venue I was at the week before…Ashfield House, YES! This time it was the wedding day of Philip and Clare who I had met up with a little while ago to discuss their big day in great detail. It’s crazy how fast these occasions creep up on you 🙂

So Saturday arrived and at 10am I made the grueling 2.8 mile journey up to begin the day by documenting the Bridal Preparations. Clare and the Bridal party were enjoying the morning having their hair and make-up done in the sitting room whilst indulging in some bacon butties, pancakes and of course a little fizz! I started with a couple of shots of it all happening but I swiftly headed outside to capture some shots of the gorgeous surroundings the venue has to offer. The colours are absolutely wonderful at this time of year and we’re lucky that we haven’t had any severe storms to blow all the leaves out of the trees, it does make for lovely backdrops! After 10 minutes I headed back upstairs to document the reminder of the morning whilst getting those all important photos of the smaller details including the wedding shoes, wedding flowers, wedding jewelry, wedding dress etc. As usual around 30 minutes before the ceremony was to begin I headed downstairs to meet up with the Groom and to make sure their wasn’t any specific requests from the Registrar.

I photographed guests having a drink and make those last minute adjustments before Josh, the wedding coordinator for the day invited everyone to head inside the ceremony room and take their seats to await the arrival of the Bride. Clare’s Dad waited for his Daughter at the bottom of the staircase so he could see her for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress, it was a lovely moment!

The Paige boys and Flower girls started proceedings by making their way into the ceremony room. They were followed by the Bridesmaids and finally Clare next to her proud Dad who was smiling away to family and friends. They made their way towards an anxious Groom although nerves had seemed to have lessened once Clare was stood next to Philip. Vows and rings were exchanged along with a kiss to ‘seal-the-deal’ and after 20 minutes the signing of the register was complete and they were already making their way back down the aisle although this time as Husband and Wife.

We moved straight into the confetti photo and formal groups as I had previously looked on the weather report for the area which was very mixed and unpredictable. I wanted to get what we could outside just in case it took a turn for the worst but fortunately it held off. We even managed to get those more intimate shots of the newly weds together before they remained inside for the afternoon and daylight slowly diminished.

Everyone looked like they were having a blast especially with Magic Matt keeping everyone entertained. He provided amazing showpieces and had everyone in stitches as he performed out of his skin. After an hour or so it was time for all of the wedding party to take their seats in the wedding breakfast room ready to receive their Bride and Groom. Josh formerly announced the happy couple into the room which was followed by loud cheers and clapping. The speeches were first and to begin the formalities of the afternoon was Clare’s Dad who offered loving words towards his Daughter and wonderful words towards most in the room. Next up was Philip who did his duty as the Groom and thanked those in attendance for sharing his and his Wife’s special day. Finally was Philip’s Best man who done a great job in sharing funny stories 🙂

The evening was upon us and with guest heading out of the room for the staff to turn it all around for the evening it was the perfect opportunity to grab hold of Philip and Clare and complete the photos of them both although we were to do this inside the venue but the interior decor is unique and provides wonderful backdrops for me to use. I only kept them for around 20 minutes as I always want to ensure they have plenty of time with their guests and not with their photographer 🙂

I stumbled across Matt who was the DJ for the evening and provided by DFC Lancashire. He set up his equipment so quickly and before we knew it Philip and Clare were heading back in to officially cut their cake and on request, Clare was to dance with her Dad. After Father and Daughter shared a few wonderful moments together, Clare was handed over to her Husband to share the dance floor for the first time as Mr & Mrs Topping.

The day was so enjoyable capturing it all for such a lovely couple and helped by being surrounded by amazing and friendly guests. I hope everyone had a memorable day and I can’t wait to begin the editing of their wedding photographs. For the time being I have chosen and edited a small selection of my favourites, Enjoy!